March 15, 2004

Customizing SharePoint..next stop custom Themes 

Rik Smits blogs about his SharePoint customization experiences an area I am about to get more into. So far I have had no problem creating templates but have not looked into the way to customize Themes so that the colour scheme is similar to my template...
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March 14, 2004

Viewing Sharepoint Admins Web Part 

Travis Illig posted an interesting coding sample to MSD2D that shows you how to retrieve a list of Site Administrators The crux of Travis' tip comes down to this code fragment.

ugsvc.Url = siteUrl + "/_vti_bin/UserGroup.asmx";

ICredentials credentials = new NetworkCredential(UserAccountName, UserAccountPassword, UserAccountDomain);
ugsvc.Credentials = credentials;

XmlNode roleNode = ugsvc.GetUserCollectionFromRole("Administrator");
return roleNode;

read the article for the details.

Click here to view a list of the Public Methods for the Sharepoint Users and Groups Service.
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Custom Sharepoint Lists 

PatrickT shows you a little bit of Javascript and Sharepoint Lists goes a long way to delivering data based on custom 'roles'. This is neat!
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spsdev have some interesting commercial web parts and add ons 

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March 12, 2004

Programmatically setup Sharepoint List multichoice columns 

Kish Ra shows some useful code in this MSD2D article
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SMIGRATE issues 

Michael Reinhart wrote in this post about his experiences moving documents from SPS v1 to SPS v2. I encountered exactly the same issues when we SMIGRATED data from a WSS v1 to WSS v2 environment.

We had a team site which at one time was used by a few hundred (!) people as is the nature of Team sites particpants come and go and like many good enterprises we don't want our Accounts Directory holding on to identities that no longer exist, we either rename the account and disable it or we delete the account.

When you do the smigrate to back up content from the v1 server and then move the .fwp over to the v2 server the steps are pretty simple...

1) create a non-templated site using syntax like this:

stsadm.exe -o createsite -url http://site_URL -ownerlogin DOMAIN\ACCOUNT -owneremail site_admin@email_Domain -ownername "NAME" -lcid 1033

2) restore the backed up content using:

smigrate.exe -r -w http://site_URL -f "c:\backup _folder\backed_up_file_name.fwp"

we experimented with this for a while and found that the data migrated into the v2 site with no issue but when you look in the Shared Document folder you see under the original authors identity one of two things, either the entry is blank or it has the identity of the account you used to run the backup. The reason being that at the end of the smigrate restoral process you will see that the smigrate is unable to reapply the original authors identity to the document because it is no longer stored in your Accounts Directory. We elected to apply the site administrators account to those documents via the

-u "user" -pw "password"

at the end of the smigrate command string listed above.

but first you'll have to issue a:

stsadm -o deletesite -url http://site_url

and then recreate the untemplated site.

One other gotcha to be aware of if this does not appear to work then it is likely that your IE browser settings are set to 'high' MS has posted an article on this at MSDN I don't have the URL handy but it happened to me so lower the IE Browser security settings before you try to force the -u setting.

But as Michael suggests in his posting their may be a 'hack' around this. I've not spent too much time looking "into" the actual SharePoint database structure... (yet).

I am *really* happy that James Edelen has re-released his excellent database utility to support the ability to extract documents from the WSS _content database! We've tested this on both WMSDE and SQLServer and it works like a charm! Maybe after my upcoming vacation i'll try to look into the SharePoint databases. I have seen an article that discusses the database structure if I get the URL I'll update this posting with it.

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Using the SharePoint XML WebPart 

Michael Reinhart shows in this article how to tailor the XML WebPart with XSL to provide RSS reader capability. Personally I use Tim Heuers dedicated RSS/ATOM feedreader, however as Michael shows the XML WebPart is very versatile and worthy of consideration for rendering your XML data! Imagine the scenario where you can extract a section of a WORD 2003 document thru a web service and render it, or better yet how about in an enterprise scenario where 10 departments submit a standardized report using Word. You extract a piece of info from each and show the aggregate in a web part.. sounds like a project ...

Kirk Allen also wrote about a RSS XSLT in this posting. Sig Weber shares some of his XSLT insights here.

You may also have seen this MSDN article on working with XML content using FrontPage.

Andy Johns posted on this topic at MSD2D
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March 11, 2004

Sharepoint gets workflow 

if you use BizTalk 2004 as described here
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March 10, 2004


If you start customizing SharePoint sooner or later you hit CAML! Serge shares some of his knowledge in this blog entry.
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Forensic IIS web Log Processing with LogParser 

interesting article with some good heuristics in order to assist you to evaluate IIS logs for possible exploits or threats!

Mike Gunderloy also maintains a web site for LogParser.
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March 09, 2004

Useful SharePoint info at the dotnetlounge 

I stumbled across this site in my journeys last month! Some great samples and useful insight on all the GUIDs used by SharePoint Lists (& other tips and tricks - well worth the journey to visit the dot net lounge!)
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SharePoint ResKit 

Chapters.ca lists it as being available in July of this year....
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.ZIP indexing with SharePoint 

ZFilter may be what you are looking for
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FrontPaging SharePoint 

Just today I was poking around AllItems.aspx with FrontPage then this evening I was reviewing Patrick Tisseghem's blog and there was AllItems.aspx and more! Well worth a look!
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LauraJ we miss you 

over a week now since your last posting :(

We need more people inside MS willing to post on SharePoint!!!!!

Laura..Laura..Wo steckst du?
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Larkware and SharePoint 

Mike Gunderloy has written a couple of articles on SharePoint one of which is here entitled "SharePoint Document Workspaces for Developers"

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en Francais > Frédéric Latour > Développement d’un composant WebPart 

Développement d’un composant WebPart - WebPartDropDown par Frédéric Latour
Dans cet article, nous présentons le développement d'un composant Web Part qui permet d'afficher des données d’une liste SharePoint sous la forme d’une liste déroulante.
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San Fransisco Portal a la SharePort 

Another sample of a Public facing SharePoint site: NERT
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Beginning SharePoint v2 Web Parts .... 

Markus has a simple web part showing you a code fragment on how to reference the Current Users logon name -> Web.CurrentUser.LoginName.ToString();

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March 08, 2004

Moving sharepoint databases 

One more thing to test as part of our Disaster recovery plan for SharePoint.
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Single biggest headache with Sharepoint so far has been... 

understanding why Usage Analysis does not kick in when it should! From my talks with MS' PSS support it usually takes 24 hours to kick in. Well it has been 96 hours and still no reports! I did find this newsgroup thread to be of interest!

I saw this KB on setting the usage log via STSADM
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Sig Webers' Sharepoint/Outlook/Exchange Downloads Playground 

now has an RSS feed
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reporting Service needs a Web Part ...Bryant please write it! 

Bryant Likes is thinking about writing a Web Part for Reporting Services (let's hope he does!!!!)
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March 07, 2004

On installing SharePoint  

I have to add Robert to my Sharepoint Links on the right in this posting he discusses his experiences with Installation
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Sharepoint Discussion Lists 

A number of good sources of information exist including the MS NNTP groups, Yahoo Sharepoint Groups, SharepointU has a forum but I did a search on Mathew Reynolds' dotnet247 site and found some good postings that may be beneficial to some people.

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Eric Legault on Integrating Sharepoint Meeting Workspaces with Outlook 

In case you missed it here it is
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March 06, 2004

"What's new" Web Part from Jan Tielens! Great!! 

Jan is the current leader :) in posting Web-Parts! And his latest is one I have been looking for ! I saw one from Microsofts' Mike Fitzmaurice but it never was posted! Thanks to Jan for this one!

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SOA and Object Message Mappers 

Steve Eichert has an interesting posting about the need for Object Message (OM) Mappers for designing/developing SOA applications
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March 04, 2004

Removing malicious Web Parts 

Serge described it nicely in his blog.
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In case you missed it... (working with Sharepoint lists) 

Steven Campbell posted this Sharepoint article to the Code Project - the article describes a way to push data into a Windows 2003 SharePoint server, from a web form. He points out that the SharePoint Lists Web Service requires that you authenticate and he shows you how to code that.

Roger Jennings has also written some great Sharepoint articles for Fawcette Publishing you can view some of his articles at his Oakleaf web site. In the article goes into one of the lesser known areas of Sharepoint development: CAML.

Tom Rizzo of the Microsoft Yukon team (actually Microsoft's director of product management for SQL Server) released a great book last year on MS-Exchange/Outlook development of which three Sharepoint development chapters that did not make the book are available at MSPress for free. But Tom also posted an article here.

And if you are looking for the most recent edition of the Sharepoint SDK you can find it here.

John Durant in one of the Sharepoint authors who has written for DevX. (CoDe magazine) Another recent article appeared by Gayan Peiris on the topic of Developing Web Parts. Gayan also wrote a recent article on 15seconds.com entitled: Customizing SharePoint Web Parts with Custom Properties

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March 02, 2004

Sharepoint RSS generators 

Currently there are two implementations I am aware of. The excellent one from Devhawk and the relatively new one from Jonathan Malek . I have used Jonathans' and found it pretty easy to set up. Also I tested the generated feeds with newsgator (worked great!), awasu (also good) and feedreader (oh oh blew up!! First time I have ever had a blue screen with XP!) Jonathan has released an update!

I kinda regret having built up my subscriptions list in feedreader it is really an alpha product and I can't seem to figure out how to export all my feeds so that I can import them into awasu..anyone?
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Biztalk server adapter for Sharepoint Libraries! 

BizTalk Server adapter for Sharepoint libraries


This article describes a Microsoft® BizTalk® Server adapter that facilitates end-to-end communication between front-end Microsoft Office System 2003 applications and back-end enterprise systems. SharePoint libraries store Office System XML data while BizTalk Server orchestration provides services for integrating that data with back-end systems. This adapter makes SharePoint libraries accessible to BizTalk Server 2004 to provide an end-to-end integration path from the Office System 2003 applications to back-end enterprise systems.
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March 01, 2004

Time to look at some Web Parts (again) 

Last summer when WSS was still Beta I would look at James Edelens' Blog daily because at the time he was one of the few people blogging Sharepoint. Now that I have done the excellent Barracuda Sharepoint SP401 course it is time that I went back to some of the public source code and walked through it. You can find James' calendar part here.

I really enjoyed the SP401 course, the people at Barracuda know their stuff! Others have attended the U2U course and also speak highly of it. You know that these trainers live and breathe WSS/SPS development so it is time well invested learning from them (IMHO).

Of course there are many other courses out there, Microsoft ATECs offer MOC2012 for site admins/users and will offer MOC2014 for customizing sites.

PS: Just saw this posting on changing web part properties.
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Bob is coding BONIC 

neat stuff Bob! You always where the true coder of the two of us....BONIC
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Fabrice Marguerie talks SOA 

SOA Softly gives the topic justice but don't look for a definition as Fabrice states both of the two major players tend to define SOA in their own offerings image .
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February 29, 2004

March 1st is e-DAY! // March 15 is e|Gov Day In Vienna 

In Austria e-DAY will be hosted throughout the country on March1 ,2004. Denmark hosted their most recent e-Day on Sept 1, 2003. Maybe next year we'll do something in our area?!

UPDATE: SOA talk as part of the March 15th e|GOV in Vienna, Austria!
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Sharepoint list of ToDos... 

Today is Sunday and before the week gets underway I am compiling my list of todos for the week. Lately I have spent a lot of time working with setting up WSS to work in -hh (Host header) mode that is what apptix uses for their hosting services. Basically when you host Sharepoint WSS sites you have two options. You can create a root site collection and then add sites off of that or you can use the Host Headered option. Say you had a site called 'IncomeTax' (April is almost here) using the two options the site would look like this:


or using -hh mode:


I like the -hh mode but it comes with some caveats. First of all if you use HostHeadered mode then site admins can not create subsites, they can create workspaces though (meeting etc), but I have not been able to offer 'site self creation mode' to work.

Another thing we discovered is that using -hh mode basically means you are hosting all your content in a single _content database. Personally I'd prefer to have the ability to point sites to their own content databases just to manage them seperately..probably not possible till WSS v3 comes along...

And one of the reasons I wanted -hh mode was to offer vanity naming via DNS C-record names aliasing the -hh entries so that http://IncomeTax.hostingservice.ca could be aliased as http://www.IncomeTax.ca - I have not been able to make it work..has anyone?

Tomorrow I plan on blogging about my SMIGRATE experiences...generally favourable moving v1 content to v2 *BUT* ....

(PS: I have yet to figure out how you can post your comments to this blog ..if it is possible I'll add that soon - according to: Blog Spot Support comments not yet directly available but there are some alternative solutions I'll look into....)

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February 28, 2004

A brand new day... 

Testing 1 2 3 - Here it is I've taken the plunge and want to finally share my thoughts and links! There are a lot of interesting things I come across in the course of my daily activities as an Information Worker I'll try to make this a blog you'll want to come back to! I am currently working for a 'hoster' using SharePoint Technologies which explains why I have listed some of my favorite feeds on the right side of this page, there will be more added shortly! Other things that interest me include SOA, XML, Web Services, European Travel especially in Austria, History, Management Theory (!) or lack of it, fussball/soccer and my family (last but not least) ...
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